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At Nels Powell Cycles, we focus on building one-of-a-kind, American made custom frames that will last a lifetime.

Nels Powell began commercially building frames in 2010 with the release of No. 1, a sleek, clean-lined, lightweight stainless steel track frame.  Titanium versions soon followed as demand for the hand-built, American made Nels Powell frames began to grow.

Every Nels Powell Bicycle is custom-fit to the owner and personalized to their specific riding preferences and style.
Nothing is out of the realm of possibility when it comes to designing your Nels Powell so don’t be afraid to ask.

Once the design is finalized, fabrication begins with each tube fit by hand and TIG welded with meticulous attention to detail.  Frames are polished to a mirror-like finish to reflect the true beauty of stainless steel and accented with your choice of decals.

Currently we offer a full range of made to order stainless road, track, and mountain frames.  Our stainless steel frames rival the weight of top carbon frames from the industry’s leading manufactures while offering the comfort of titanium and the beauty of an American hand-built steel frame.

Our Promise

Nels Powell Cycles offers a 100% guarantee that your custom frame meets all expectations and is the envy of the peloton.  If any issues arise, Nels Powell will repair or replace the frame free of charge.

The Beginning

Nels Powell Cycles may be a young company, but it is rich in history.  Founders Eric and Robbie met 27 years ago racing on the BMX dirt in Dallas.  punks
They quickly became inseparable, sharing each other’s passion for cars, music and bikes.  Their passion for building dates back to 1989 when a couple of teenagers chopped up an old frame and built it into their own version of a downhill bike.

Many years passed since their first bike build but the two remained extremely close and dreamed of a day when they could build together again.  In 2010, that dream came true with the arrival of No. 1 and they haven’t looked back since.

No.1 was built because they could; the rest were built because they should.

Founders  IMG_3116

Eric Powell

Eric Powell is the visionary behind Nels Powell Bicycles.  His artistic eye and simplistic sense of beauty drives all Nels Powell frames to not only be the workhorse on the road, but also the work-of-art in the stable. He has recently began to offer carbon fiber repairs.

Robbie Ott

While Eric specializes in the design of each Nels Powell frame, Robbie Ott brings them to life.  Robbie earned his bachelor of mechanical engineering from Texas Tech in 1995 and soon after became a fabricator with the Target Chip Ganassi Indy Racing team.  Currently Robbie runs the machine shop for Sarah Fisher Racing and is considered to be among the most talented fabricator/machinists by his racing peers.  On his free weekends, he moonlights as a tire-changer during pit stops for driver Joseph Newgarden.

As a master welder and machinist, Robbie now applies the same techniques and skills used to build Indy cars to build Nels Powell frames.  If you can imagine it, Robbie can make it.